Wind Beneath My Wings

Today is my babies’ birthday. They are a whole 9 years old now. I started this morning off so happy and excited for them as I sent them off with their cupcakes and ice cream cups. Then the inevitable happened. I went on Facebook. A friend shared a blog written by a mom with a child who has cancer. Not just cancer, a brain tumor which tripled in size in a matter a few weeks. This family has been bringing their four year old for treatment to the same cancer center that I work at.

I continue to read her blog with tears streaming down my face as she (what seems to be) calmly and collectively tells his story of past surgery and aggressive treatment only to find out nothing had helped. She bravely tells how the doctor told them to take him home, he wouldn’t need to come for any more treatment as it would do no good. He should be in his home and be as comfortable as possible for his few remaining weeks.

As I am planning my twins’ first communion and my high schooler’s graduation I cannot stop thinking of this poor mom who will have to plan her son’s final arrangements. My heart is broken into so many pieces and I don’t even know this family. I cannot imagine the pain that they are in.

All I can do for them is pray for them. Pray for this boy that he is free from pain and enjoys his time here and plays with his siblings. Pray for his parents that they are strong enough to take care of each other and their other children. Pray for his siblings so that they understand and to help them get through this time in their lives. I pray that this tragedy can bring them closer as a family and hope that something good can come out of this.