Only in my dreams

What are dreams, really? Do they really mean anything, are they trying to tell us something? I’ve been having really strange dreams for the past few weeks. Most of them I don’t remember much about them except waking up and thinking “what was that all about?” There are some though that I remember almost everything.

There are two recurring themes in my dreams that I remember. Two dreams have been about friends from high school. One of my friends and I are going to visit our other friends. We are in a nice, tropical climate, it looks like we are at a beach bar and then I get this bad feeling. I look at one of my friends and her head is down on the bar. I go over to see if she’s OK and I realize she’s snorting drugs. But that isn’t the worst part. She turns into some type of monster. It’s like she’s the Walking Dead except she looks perfectly normal, it was just something with her eyes that I could tell she was different. I start running and looking for my other friend but she’s a monster too! As I’m running for my life I run into a friend from grammar school. She’s normal still so we find a motorcycle to get the heck out of dodge. But then we see this baby, so we wrap it up in something to keep it warm on the motorcycle. Then I woke up. I have one more dream like this but I don’t remember all the details.

Theme # 2. This one was a few weeks ago so I don’t remember it as clearly. I’m driving. I’m not doing anything illegal but I am pulled over. The officer is nice and he starts talking to me. For some reason I cannot drive my car home and we are playfully arguing about this for a little while. Flirting really. He offers to drive me home and tells me I am not allowed to refuse because I cannot drive my car. I accept his ride home and the flirting continues. Although he wants to kiss me and I would like to kiss him back, I know that I can’t, so we just keep playfully flirting. We arrive at my house and he walks me to the door. I thanked him for the ride home and we stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever. Then I walked into the house and woke up. I tried desperately to fall back to sleep to continue this dream but obviously it did not happen. I also had a couple other dreams similar to this, but this one stands out for some reason.

My friends don’t know what to tell me about the dreams with my high school friends turning into monsters. But they were all unanimous that the dream about the officer means I need more flirting in my life. I have to say, I do agree with them.

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