I’m sexy and I know it

I decided to take one of those online quizzes just for shits and giggles. The quiz was to see how likely I am to be or become a sex addict. Turns out, according to that quiz I am most likely addicted to sex!
Who would have thought that a mom of 4 kids could have an addiction such as this? I ask that sarcastically. I mean, come on, 4 kids! Seriously though, yes. I do like sex. No, I love it. Who doesn’t? It’s enjoyable, it can boost your self esteem & can be a great form of exercise.
But what is a sex addict really? Just because I think about it often and have many conversations with friends about porn that makes me an addict? Or maybe it’s because the first thing I do when I look at a man is decide if I would have sex with him or not. Ok, not always in person but watching tv or movies too. For example right now I’m watching a movie with Harrison Ford and yeah, he’s 30 years older than I am but he’s damn sexy. And yes I think about people I meet in real life too. It’s got to be a natural instinct, don’t you think?
I never would have thought that I had any type of problem or was abnormal in any way if it weren’t for that quiz. I don’t have any issues functioning in daily life and I don’t go through withdrawal if I don’t have sex for a day or two or even a week. I just like to have sex. I like to think about it. And yes, I think about different people. Mostly unattainable people like Harrison Ford. Oh well, it is what it is and I am who I am. I’m sexy and I know it.


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