Some kind of wonderful

I had planned on writing about my dreams from last night. I had two that I would gladly enjoy on a recurring status. Vin Diesel (who I usually wouldn’t fantasize about) was “courting” me pretty hard. I liked the chase because I played hard to get for a bit, but eventually I gave in. Oh boy was I ever glad I did! It was all hot and heavy and crazy. He had crazy strong arms and hands. Oh man his hands. Anyway, I woke up from that dream and tried desperately to fall back to sleep to continue it.
I did dream again but this time the guy had hair. Good hair. Run my fingers through hair. He was very familiar to me but I can’t remember exactly who he was. This guy was super romantic. Again, big strong arms but a soft, sensual touch. And his touch was everywhere.
Both men were very passionate and amazing but the 1st one was more like “one night stand” sex and the other one was more like “I’d like to keep this going every night” sex.
Honestly I love both types. Neither felt monotonous or mechanical in any way. Maybe that’s why I keep replaying them in my head all day, because it was something new and different.
So all this makes me wonder, am I looking for something more than what I have? There have definitely been times when I’ve seriously wondered if this is where I’m supposed to be, but not recently. I’m sure everyone wonders that at times. I’ll just let these questions go for now and try to have some fun dreams again tonight.

Good night.


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