OK, so I just have get two key pieces of my family history from somewhere and then I’ll know whether or not I’ll need to have any further screening done. It boggles my mind that someone’s age of diagnosis or the specific type of someone else’s cancer can have such a huge impact on my life. If I can find these answers and they are one thing, then the chances of me having this specific gene abnormality is significantly higher, but if I find that the answers are something different then I have no greater chance than the next person of developing some type of cancer. Thankfully, I have a feeling that when I do find these answers it will mean good news for me.
The rest of my family have all had cancers that were attributed to the fact that they all smoked since their early teens and/or had jobs in a factory or Bethlehem Steel. Since I neither smoke or work anywhere like that I think I’m in pretty good shape. Well, I guess not totally good shape, I really should exercise, this summer has been a great summer for eating way too much.
So there’s my update for you. And I leave you with some advice: DON’T SMOKE! It really does kill. And it makes you smell.

Have a Little Faith in Me

I have decided to do something that some people might call me crazy for. Other people might call me brave or smart. I call myself curious. I have decided to go for genetic counseling because I have a strong family history of cancer. I also work for a cancer hospital so it is hard to block out of ignore my history. Not that it would be easy to forget the death of my parents at young ages, but it would be harder for me to go into denial about my future.
I have an appointment with the counselor this morning. In a half hour to be exact. I am nervous and hopeful at the same time. I really have no idea what to expect. I think it could almost go either way really, just from the little bit that I do know about cancer. I expect that either she will say I am at high risk for Ovarian and Breast because they are related cancers and there is history of both (my grandma died of breast and my aunt died of ovarian), or that she will say I’m not high risk because there are a few other types of cancer in the rest of my family that do not necessarily relate to each other. I feel it is important to note that this is all on my mother’s side, except for my dad.
Well, I should probably get going. I really just wanted to get this off my chest; I haven’t talked about this with anyone except my husband, who keeps asking me a bunch of “what if” questions that I won’t be able to answer until after my appointment.
So, I’ll write an update sometime today after my appointment. I wouldn’t want to keep the 2 people who might read this in suspense. 🙂

Have a great morning folks!

Hakuna Matata

There are always mixed emotions for the beginning of the school semester. There’s a little excitement to start something new, a lot of nervousness thinking about what might be involved in my classes, and yes, I throw in some excitement knowing that I’ll be one semester closer to graduation.

Yesterday I was especially nervous, not having a clue what kind of work might be involved with this specific class (I’m actually quite shy and didn’t know how much talking to people I would have to do). The good news is I don’t think I’ll have to do a lot of engaging at all! Yes there is the whole class participation part of the class, I can handle that. I just didn’t know if I would have to ask questions and interview people and crap like that. I completely shut down when it comes to things like that. Just thinking about it makes my heart stop. I was actually dreading yesterday because I had no idea what to expect from this class. Then something great happened – I got to talk about Disney World.

The only place I would rather be than in my own home is Walt Disney World. I am completely in love with all things Disney. If I could afford it, I would vacation there every year. So when a friend from high school asked my opinions on WDW resorts for her upcoming family vacation, I went into hyper-drive. As much as I hate talking to people, I LOVE talking about Disney. I could go on for hours recommending resorts, restaurants, shows, how to get around, etc. If I could talk about Disney as my profession I would be in heaven! I would never stop working! Sometimes I think that the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I talk about Disney is how people feel when they fall in love. I feel so giddy and happy it’s almost funny. I have been on cloud 9 since this Disney discussion started, and I’m not the one going to Disney!!!

I hope my friend knows that her one request for resort recommendations turned my whole day around.