OK, so I just have get two key pieces of my family history from somewhere and then I’ll know whether or not I’ll need to have any further screening done. It boggles my mind that someone’s age of diagnosis or the specific type of someone else’s cancer can have such a huge impact on my life. If I can find these answers and they are one thing, then the chances of me having this specific gene abnormality is significantly higher, but if I find that the answers are something different then I have no greater chance than the next person of developing some type of cancer. Thankfully, I have a feeling that when I do find these answers it will mean good news for me.
The rest of my family have all had cancers that were attributed to the fact that they all smoked since their early teens and/or had jobs in a factory or Bethlehem Steel. Since I neither smoke or work anywhere like that I think I’m in pretty good shape. Well, I guess not totally good shape, I really should exercise, this summer has been a great summer for eating way too much.
So there’s my update for you. And I leave you with some advice: DON’T SMOKE! It really does kill. And it makes you smell.


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