The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades

I think I may start posting some of my assignments. Not all of them, just a few writing assignments here and there. Just to stay current with my postings, so I don’t go months without any activity here. This is my first assignment – a background piece for a journalism class. Just something short and sweet.

Giving a background on myself is always tough for me to do. I always want to give entirely too much information. I feel like I should give my entire life story. Given that this story has to be confined to a specific experience in my life I hope it will be a bit easier.
I honestly have zero to little experience or exposure to how journalists operate. The most exposure I have to the workings of a journalist is that I’m friends with the Managing Editor of the Buffalo News and friends with the former editor of the Hamburg Sun who now does freelance for the Buffalo News from time to time. That is the closest I come to knowing anything journalism.
As far as future plans are, I am more confused now than I was at 20. Once upon a time I wanted to write. Not necessarily journalistic writing, but writing anything. See, I’m 36 now, with a family and full-time job and my college career is just winding up, finally. My job is not very conducive to scheduling college classes so many of the writing classes that I would have liked to take were not an option. Now I feel I do not have the writing skills needed for any type of career with heavy writing. So to be honest, right now I’m very scared for my future; I have much student loan debt and not a strong enough skill set to advance from my current job.
I take in quite a few different media outlets. I receive CNN and other news notifications on my phone. I am very heavy on Twitter and Facebook. I am on my computer all day at work so whenever my phone chirps with a notification, I’m all over the internet looking for more information. Let’s not forget radio and television. In the car I listen to the radio, either music or sports radio, not really news unless there is something big happening. At home I like to watch T.V. if I have the down time. That usually doesn’t happen until later at night, but that is life with four kids.


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