I haven’t written anything for quite a while, I know. I’m sorry. I’ve recently discovered this newfangled thing called – fitness. I started going to a gym at the end of January. Running to nowhere on the hamster wheel in my basement that my husband likes to call a treadmill just didn’t cut it for me. It was just too boring. So now I run to nowhere on a treadmill at the gym. But going to the gym to run gives me a different atmosphere, and a whole lot of other workout options as well.

My husband does nothing but run. Once in a while I might spy him doing some sit-ups, but it isn’t often. He’s training for a half marathon. He loses at least 1 pound a week. I am training for a 5K. I run. I use the weight machines at the gym. I have changed my eating habits and portion sizes. I can’t lose any weight for the life of me. I graduate in May; I’d like to not look like a middle-aged mom when I graduate.

I know that generally it’s easier for men to lose weight than women. They’re usually bigger and have more to lose, but he also has a job where he’s on his feet all day and walking a lot. I sit at a computer all day. I’m sure that gives him an edge as well.

I am happy for him, really. He needs to lose weight. But I do get very aggravated each time he sends me a text when he weighs himself at work. The numbers just don’t move when I step on the scale. I can proudly say that my pants are starting to fit a little better though, so that makes me happy.

Back to my training. I am using an app on my iPhone to help me train to run a 5K. Running is hard for me now. I used to run all the time. I ran track in high school, I played soccer. I loved it. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries in my 20s to repair torn cartilage. The last surgery was a total meniscus transplant which required me to be off my feet for 3 months, no exercise for 6 months and only lightly active for a year. Needless to say I gained a bit a weight and became a happy couch potato. That was a few years ago, now I’m trying to undo all of that and it’s hard to start back up again. I have no endurance. My shins kill me when I run. I can sometimes imagine them breaking in half when my foot lands.

This app actually does help me. It helps me to have something in front of me that says “run for 25 minutes, walk for 5 minutes.” It’s actually been getting easier to run following it. Although, yesterday I had a really tough time. I couldn’t do it. My legs hurt way too much and I ended up walking most of the time. I guess my next run I’ll have to re-do yesterday’s training. I have to say it was the first time that I’ve been disappointed in my effort, my first set-back, the first time that I couldn’t finish. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it does worry me.

I have time, I just need to keep going, keep trying. I know I’ll get there eventually. If you have any suggestions or words of advice, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for listening.