Isn’t it funny how you go your whole life thinking about yourself one way, just because that’s all you’ve ever known? You only ever hear yourself described in a certain way and you just never bother to think about it. It just is. You are just you. 

What happens when someone says something different? How do you respond? Do you even respond? 

Just one simple word can have you reeling with such confusion. It probably shouldn’t. The intention is good. But you can’t help from wondering if there’s a hidden meaning. Does this person want something from me? Does this person even know what he/she is talking about? Is there an alternative meaning that I don’t know about? You start to feel nuts because something that should just be taken as a compliment has turned you paranoid. 

Eventually you start to calm down and realize maybe, just maybe, that description is accurate. At least it is to one person. And maybe one day you will start to see it too. 


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