Do you want to know a secret? I’ve got many.

I’ve got so many sides to me, I don’t think there is even a word to describe it. I have a good side and a bad. I’m fun and I’m professional. I am shy and I am wild. I am depressed and I am happy. I can be flamboyant but I can also be reserved. I am simple, yet complicated.

I think, like most people, which side of me you get depends on the day and the environment. At work I’m my most prim and polished. I’m reserved and responsible at home. Get me out with my friends and I can be anyone I want to be–there’s no limit.

Who I am really you may ask?

I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll.

I am me.


2 thoughts on “Secret

  1. sweety5225 says:

    Well said. I’d like to know how you linked the video to your post. If you don’t mind there’s one I’d like to add

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