Ring My Bell

I am so not a patient person. I want instant gratification. All. The. Time. Especially when it comes to waiting for answers.

If you tell me it will take two days for an answer, it’ll be the longest two days of my life. And if you tell me it could take UP TO two days. Then oh my lord, day number 1 I’m going to be waiting next to my phone, willing it to ring.

I just want to know. I want to be able to plan ahead. I want to know if I have to reschedule things. I need to know what I’m going to tell people when the time comes. I have a busy life, I have to put things in order as soon as I can.

I just hate being in limbo. I want to know if I can go back to normal or if I have to change things up. But this not knowing is really killing me.


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