I think I’m just way too neurotic about things. Should I really care what other people think of me? Not Really. Well, I don’t know, maybe sometimes, like when I’m not minding my own business.

For the most part I pretty much know when to keep my mouth shut. And I do usually keep my mouth shut. But sometimes the urge is strong to give my opinion. The only time I really struggle with it is if it is in fact a topic that is none of my business. You know, when it’s someone else’s personal life.

I can’t help myself though, if I see someone heading down the wrong road with someone I need to tell that person. Believe me, I do go back and forth debating on saying something. I’m sure I’m  not always hearing everything about the situation, and in some cases I know I’m only hearing the negative. I do think that I should trust my gut though, and right now I’m afraid that if I trust my gut and say something it could be detrimental to my relationship with this person. I don’t want to strain my relationship with my friend but I don’t want to stand by and watch a train wreck either.



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