You know what is truly never-ending? Thoughts?

Really. You are always thinking. Sometimes they’re good and happy and sometimes they’re sad or scared or worried, but they are always there. Even if you are told to clear your mind, there’s still something brewing in there.

I spend so much of my time in my own head it’s scary. I’m always around other people, we’re just always doing our own thing. And I get lost in my thoughts. A lot.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But most of the time my mind is definitely a fantasy.  I come up with lots of great ideas and have some wonderfully uplifting pep-talks with myself. Most of these thoughts, unfortunately, I never act on and the pep-talks are for naught.

I could spend hours gearing myself up for something. Usually, though, I never do whatever it was I was gearing up for! I get myself all hot and bothered for no reason whatsoever. I just waste my time and energy. All because thoughts are unstoppable. They just keep coming, one after another.


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