Missing You

Alright, so I’m coming to the conclusion that having real close friends you can count on in a pinch is a luxury.

I’m feeling pretty much on my own lately. I miss my girls I used to work with. I miss our inappropriate conversations at lunch, that would last throughout the rest of the day. I miss being inappropriate and dirty in general. We laughed so much. I miss laughing until I cry. We still get together about once a month but I feel somewhat of an outsider now. It’s different when you’re not part of the every day conversations anymore.

I also miss my long distance friends. The one I could turn to in any situation and knew I wouldn’t be judged. We talked every day without fail. We laughed at everything and everyone. But lately something has changed. Can’t put my finger on what it is, but it just feels different.  It seems harder to track him down and when we do talk, conversations seem…evasive.

I’ve never been one to really confront anyone. Not even good at opening up to my husband when it’s needed. So I haven’t really asked my friend what the deal is. I just talk when we can and when we can’t I just wonder.

I wonder and I sit and I miss him.


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