Maybe Katie

Isn’t it something how some people come in and out of your life (and sometimes back in) and some people just stay in it forever? And doesn’t it seem funny that the people who you think will be with you forever seem to be the ones who drop off when you least expect it?

I always took is so very personally if a friend drifted away. Like what did I do or say? But as I got older I realized it just sometimes happens. People become interested in different things, meet new people, move away or get married and have a different way of life. It happens all the time.

Sometimes it happens and then years later an old friend will all of a sudden pop back into your life. That happens all the time, too.

Maybe it’s a sign that they should’ve always been a part of your life. Or maybe after you get to know them again, you realize you were better off being apart. Maybe you needed that time away from each other in order to grow. Maybe you just needed that time to reflect on your life and really decide where to go with it.

But realize, too, that you have a choice. You don’t have to keep up a friendship just because there is a history there. You might find after a while that you and your friend are no longer as compatible as you once were. You could have different priorities or life goals.

It’s OK keep that friend in your life if you want, but don’t feel that the relationship has to mirror what it was before. Just accept it for what it is now. Make it brand new.



One thought on “Maybe Katie

  1. teaismyjam says:

    Lovely and very true! This happens and you wrote about it really well.
    I too wrote a post on the concept of the word ‘maybe’, if you’d like to check it out. 😃

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