Better Than Revenge

I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as overly aggressive. I am not a fanatic, about anything really. But I can be fierce if needed.

For instance if someone messes with my family in any way, well, let’s just say that is a bad choice. I’m a very laid back person but I will take you down if I need to.

I’m also a pretty jealous person. I have no problem admitting this. In fact, I can’t deny it, I have a hard time not showing my emotions in my face.

But in recent years I have started to become better at learning to walk away. I’ve learned not to react right away. I can take a step back and before I fight for something I can breathe and weigh my options so-to-speak.  Is this something even worth fighting over? If I lose this battle, what else will I lose with it? What are the consequences if I win? Does someone else want this more than I do? How many people are involved and what are the consequences for them?

I no longer instantly react. I may react in my head and rave and bitch at other people who may be an obstacle in my way, but I play it calm and cool on the outside. Maybe I’m finally maturing. Or maybe I just feel too old to fight for some things. Or perhaps I am just not supposed to fight for certain things.

Either way, I pick and choose my battles now. If I have no right to something, I’ll walk away, no matter how bad it hurts.

Although, I will be aggressive and fight for what is mine every time.

Every. Single. Time.


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