I realize that I sound like a broke record lately. I’m sorry. Feel free to skip this post if you like.

I know I can’t have everything. I don’t think I want everything. What I want is to feel loved. I want to feel like I’m worth something; like I bring some value to the world. I need to be wanted, desired. I need to feel important.

My life isn’t bad. Everyone is healthy. There’s no abuse. We can pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads and have food to eat. Honestly, I really have nothing to complain about.

But yes, I want more from him. More than he is willing to give. I don’t want the type of marriage his parents have. I want what my parents had. Unfortunately he was never able to see what they had, so he doesn’t know where it is I’m coming from. He doesn’t understand my need. He probably never will.



2 thoughts on “More

  1. This is exactly me. I feel exactly the same. On paper I have it all. I don’t want more, maybe I want different? Who knows. You are not alone at all

  2. You’re in a hard place, but I have found that knowing your value comes from God, helps. When we know and understand that our true joy comes from knowing Christ, then we recognize that no one person can make us happy. Our happiness is found in him. I know this was not what you expected, but that is the only response I can give. Don’t give up! Read my post Love is Going to Cost You.

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