Only the Good Die Young

I’m always the good one. The one who understands. Where does that get me? No where. 

There’s a saying that good guys finish last. That is completely true.  

I’ve always been the person who is left behind because I’m the type of person who is understanding and doesn’t put up a fight. I’m tired of being that person. I’m tired of being left behind. 

I will always tell you the truth. I told stories and a few lies when I was younger. I always told people what they wanted to hear to keep the peace. I soon learned that the truth always comes back to you and bites you in the ass. So now, no matter what, I will give you my opinion truthfully. I am going to turn into the bitch. You’ll hear what I have to say whether you want to or not. I’m done being stepped on. 

Only The Good Die Young


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