How much is that doggy in the window?

Life is busy. Life with kids is even busier. Life lately has been just constant forward motion, no time to sit and think. The kids dance recital was last weekend. I used to be able to sit and just watch kids dance for 3 hours, but I can’t even do that anymore. Now I work backstage. More endless running, although it does help the night go faster. 

As if last week wasn’t busy enough with mini dress rehearsals in the studio, the final dress rehearsal on stage and then finally the recital, we decided to adopt a dog from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.  Knowing how busy we were during the week, we arranged for Koda’s neutering to be done on Friday and to pick him up Saturday morning. Friday afternoon when I called the vet to find out how Koda was feeling after his surgery the vet comes on the phone. He couldn’t do the surgery because Koda had a high fever, he would have to be on antibiotics and I have to reschedule surgery. Why does he have a high fever?  Oh, because of the Kennel Cough. Thanks CBAS, for letting me know ahead of time that I’d be bringing a highly contagious sick dog home, especially since you knew I already have a dog at home. But wait, there’s more. He has a condition called Entropion, where the lower lid rolls in and the lashes rub against the cornea. So now I get to pay for another surgery on top of the neutering. Again, thanks for sharing this information with me CBAS! 

Life since Saturday has been a juggling act of trying to keep the two dogs separated and spending enough time with each of them so neither of them feels neglected. We’ve been living with gates blocking all major hallways and doorways in our house. It’s an inconvenience, yes, but Koda is such a sweet dog.  He’s so good, cuddly, and happy and we love him so much already. 

We can definitely put up with an inconvenience for a couple weeks, but I do have a lot of negative feelings towards the CBAS right now. I felt rushed to adopt Koda and I definitely feel that information was withheld from me. I’m not sure whether it was done purposely or in their rush to get him adopted they just forgot to mention everything. I’m just not sure I would recommend this group to anyone looking to adopt. I would definitely share my experience with the CBAS with anyone that I know is thinking of going there, just so they can at least be prepared and know to question everything.


Dream Weaver

It’s easy to tell how tired I am lately. Just ask me what my first words are when I wake up in the morning, If I mutter WTF, then I had some crazy whacked out dreams, which means I fell asleep completely exhausted the night before. I have been waking up like this a lot lately, but to my disappointment I cannot remember enough of my dream to even describe it to anyone.

This morning is different. This morning I can remember enough details to write about it. But first a little background. My husband and I have been discussing giving my soon-to-be high school graduate a dog for her graduation present. She will be living at home and commuting to college in the fall and she has been missing her BFF Chip since he passed almost 2 years ago. Personally I would love it, I love dogs and would love to have two running around the house again (I have a little shih-Tzu who thinks he’s a cat). For some reason my husband is very distant to the idea of rescuing a dog from a shelter, something that I cannot understand. We’ve been going back and forth with each other on this subject for some time now.

So anyway, my dream. I was walking through the toy section of a store and saw my best friend’s husband playing with the girl toys and having very serious conversations with his friend about them. (Side note, my friend is currently pregnant and is having a girl.) I just stay far enough away to keep watching and laughing at them as they discuss these toys like they are a foreign object. When I do leave, I watch as someone across the parking lot (near a wooded lot), opens the car door and lets a dog out. The person on the passenger seat side is acting shady so I yelled to them and they get back in and speed away. The dog tried to follow the car for a little while but eventually stopped and I ran over to him. There were tags still on him so I called the number. The person answered and right away just started babbling on about not wanting him anymore and it was now my problem and was actually yelling at me. Um, hello, I am not the person that just abandoned my dog! I’m not sure what kind of dog this was, a bigger dog that kind of looked like a pit bull golden retriever mix. At this point I am no longer in the store parking lot but it seems like the front patio of a local restaurant sitting at an outside table with my husband. The weird part is that I think I’m using a cell phone but I am right next to a pay phone so I’m not sure what that is about or why it stands out to me. So anyway, I took the collar off and threw it in the garbage and said “dog, you’re mine now” and called my daughter and told her to meet me at the pet store. On the way to the pet store I drove to the first store I was at to see if my friend’s husband was still there trying to understand girl toys. He was just walking out, empty handed.

So that’s last nights dream. I’m sure there is no hidden meaning in this one, my friends and I had an entire conversation about rescuing stray dogs off the street like this during lunch yesterday. I just think I need another dog in my life.