Me Party

Life has been drama free lately. Nothing to complain about. Nothing to rejoice about.

I’ve just been, living.

This is good. I’m not a fan of drama. I am mostly very easy going and laid back.

I’ve stopped worrying about the whys in life and have just been accepting everything.

It is what it is.

I still don’t have any real answers from my friend. But I’ve also stopped asking for them, too. I’m not going to worry about it anymore.

I think the difference is that I’m not worrying about anything right now. I’m not worrying about anyone else but myself. I’m being daring; I’m taking care of me, doing things for me, and worrying about my own happiness. Who cares what the world thinks, I’m having fun.

I like it like this. I am making plans with friends. I go shopping when I want to. I am watching the TV shows that I want to watch. I go up to bed early and read.

I haven’t left, I’m still home and he’s still there. We’re existing together. I’m slowly accepting that he’s changed from when we were first married and doesn’t need life to be fun and exciting any more. This is why I’m all about me lately.

I’m having a me party and I couldn’t be happier.