I can’t drive 55

I don’t love driving. I feel like I spend too much time in my car driving back & forth to work, dance, hockey, soccer, religion, kids school and my own classes. I have so many other better things that I could be doing.
Although I really despise driving one of my favorite times of the day is my commute to and from work (mostly home). It’s my alone time, my time that I can just think about whatever I want to. It’s my time when I can blast my radio and sing at the top of my lungs.
The singing is my favorite part. I can listen to any music I want to and sound as hideous as I can and there’s no one around to judge me or make me feel small or change the song. I can sing along to a boy band, a broadway musical, heavy metal or country-whatever tickles my fancy. I could have the crappiest day ever until I start rocking out on my drive home and all my stress flies out the window.
Until I arrive at my destination. Once my 20-30 minute commute is over, I’m back to the real world. Back to reality.