It’s a simple word. A word that could lead to a whole lot more words. Or, it could lead to nothing at all.

Hello used to lead us into an entire days worth (and sometimes nights worth) of conversations. Now there isn’t anything.

There was a time when we were so preoccupied with each other, like we were infected.  We made each other happy. The smiles, the laughs were endless. I couldn’t wait to hear your voice or get a text. We were all each other needed.

That way of life changed. That connection isn’t there anymore. The relationship is strained. The day-long conversations have become a couple of sentences every few months. Not even happy birthday or Merry Christmas. Not even a text.

Somewhere along the way it just ended.

Though I have never depended on you to make me smile, this song came on the radio and made me think of you.

I make myself smile.