Living On A Prayer

I’ve been in a bad mood lately. Well, I can’t say that exactly, I guess I should say I’ve been emotional lately; letting a lot of little things get on my nerves and dragging me down. I have come to realize it has nothing really to do with me, but with another family is going through. Though, they are my family too, because in hockey, we are all family.

A little over a week ago my son found out that one of his teammates was in the hospital in a coma. He fell off of a golf cart and hit his head on the concrete while vacationing with his family. Every parent’s worst nightmare.

Not being super close with this family (our boys play hockey & soccer together, we’ve only spent non-sports time together once), we want to give them their privacy, but we do get updates through the coach or other parents. Most updates are all hearsay, some more reliable than others. Some things we have heard were not positive at all and not only did my heart break for his parents and sisters, but also for my son. I kept thinking, “If the worst scenario happens, how do I tell him? How do you take an 11 year old to a funeral for his friend?” These thoughts were consuming me for more than a week. No wonder I was letting everything get to me lately.

Thankfully we heard good news this morning. If everything we heard is true then this is nothing short of a miracle. Right now, I’m praying for a miracle, and I’m going to be thankful for what I have–my family.

I can’t wait to go home and hug everyone! I really think you should too!

Like A Virgin

Well I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’ve decided to finally start writing (typing) all of my many erratic thoughts out to try to clear my head. As you can clearly see I am a blogging virgin, but I am sure that my writing will get better as this adventure goes forward.

This blog is not intended to give any actual useful information; it is for entertainment purposes only. I will most likely write about my own life experiences, as boring as that may be. My life, just so you know, consists of my family, work, school, music, photography, and hockey. Yes, hockey. I miss hockey.

It is not my intention to use this as tool to whine and write angry things about the world. I do plan to try not to do that, but I can’t promise that this blog will be completely free of angry rants. I probably will outline my struggles with trying to become a frequent runner, and lately there are many struggles!

Well, I’m done with my first official blog. If you want to know anything else about me or my intentions here, all I can say is….stay tuned!

Adios amigos!